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The freshest time of my day? It is shower time, not because it is a ritual to be performed, but because it is a pre requisite to how my day will unfold! True that! The most important part of the day, where you must pamper and delve in the luxury for every sense, every bit of you. A luxurious bath doesn’t depend on the exorbitant amounts you spend on purchasing that top of the line soap or shower gel, but on what you feed your skin with.

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! They exude not just affordability, but the luxury of nature, with every ingredient infused, hand picked and organically procured and handmade!

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Hand crafted soaps with natural essential oils for a cool and refreshing bathing experience. 

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Ancient beauty is not just limited to physical appearance
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Herbal Chandan Haldi Soap bathing bar protects from bacteria. It gives freshness & coolness to the body

Golden Glow
Skin Paradise
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“Perfect soap with nice fragrance. And it contains natural fruit acids that help smooth rough, dry skin and retain moisture.”
Vanessa Johnson
CEO, Manager